Fall Candles


Fireside Amber

Sweet scent of freshness. Made with all natural soy wax.


Cocoa 4 You

Hot cocoa anyone? One of the absolute best holiday, weather scents. Who doesn't love hot coca?! All natural soy wax with a hot cocoa scented fragrance. (Please do not eat).


You're my pumkpin a latte

For my pumpkin spice lovers, this is your go to candle. All natural soy wax candle with a pumpkin spice fragrance.


Warm Berry

Warm Berry is a sweet sweet sense of blueberry strudel. Made with an all natural soy wax.

Apple Candy

Apple Candy fragrance made with all natural soy wax.


Men in Flannel

This candle is perfect for those who love a strong scent. Amber scent, made with all natural soy wax. 

Available Sep. 28th